Status Flags – Protected by Role

Status Flags have many uses and can now be protected with a special user role, so that only certain users can see them. All Status Flags start as searches that are saved using a special naming convention, and these searches are automatically run every morning at 4:30 to find everyone who fits that search.

A brief description of where you find Status Flags:

  • Status Flags display (using the name of the saved search) on people records under the membership information on the Profile > Member tab.
  • Status Flags also display on the top portion of the people record as badges, if your church is using this feature.
  • The People Search page has a filter for Status Flags, so you can quickly find those with specific flags.
  • There is also a condition in Search Builder to allow you to search by one or more Status Flags.
  • The Status Flag Export, which can be run for any group of people wherever you see the blue toolbar, is another tool for using Status Flags.

Now, that we have briefly touched on Status Flags – what they are and where you find them, I want to tell you about another feature of Status Flags.

You can protect any Status Flag with a user role that is tied directly to that specific Status Flag. This ensures that only users with that role will be able to see that a person has that Status Flag. If you want to protect more than one Status Flag, you would create multiple roles – one role for each protected Status Flag.


You may want to identify those who are donors to your church, but you would, of course, not want everyone seeing that flag.

Or, you may want to create a search for those formerly active members of your church whose attendance is dropping. You would not want every user to see that either.

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