Spell Check in BVCMS Emails

CKEditor is the product we use for creating and editing the body of emails in BVCMS. Many of you depend on the spell check feature in order to ensure you do not send out emails with mistakes. If you are one of these users (I am!), you may have noticed that part of this function is not working. 

The problem is with the third party company that CKEditor uses to do spell checking. That product is free, because it works with advertising. 

However, you can still click the spell check icon and Enable SCAYT (spell check as you type). That should suffice for now. Even though it says it says ‘as you type’ it still checks the entire document (in case you do not enable this until after you have typed your email) and puts the red squiggly line under potentially misspelled words. When you see that, you can right-click and see their suggestions.

If you have never used this feature, see the image of the toolbar below. Notice the ABC with the check under it. Click that and then select Enable SCAYT.


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