UPDATE: Yahoo Mail problems

We have taken steps to improve deliverability for your emails to and from yahoo.com. This was published yesterday afternoon and so far, it seems to be working well. Basically here are the changes that only affect emails that either come from a yahoo.com address or are sent to a yahoo.com address. No other email domains will work differently than they did before.

  • Let’s take for example an imaginary person, Bob Roberts bobr@yahoo.com.
  • When Bob receives an email from your bvcms database,
    the From address for the sender will be “Julia Wood mailer@bvcms.com”
    Note that it comes from a generic bvcms.com address
  • If Bob were to reply to the email,
    it would be addressed to “Julia Wood jwood@fbchurch.org”
    Note that it goes to her real address 
  • When Bob (who is also a teacher/user of bvcms) sends an email through bvcms
    the From address  will be “Bob Roberts mailer@bvcms.com”
    and the recipients address will be normal 
  • When the recipient replies to Bob’s email, it will go to Bob’s yahoo.com address.

So, the only difference is the mailer@bvcms.com address which allows us to get around yahoo’s new policy.

We are continuing to monitor this and want you to let us know if you have any further problems (other than the typical bounces and spam reports).

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