Ticketing Attendance – Family Attendance and Status Labels

We have been tweaking Ticketing Attendance recently for a special use case – recording individual attendance for a large gathering (such as a worship service) where you have a list of names, not a roll sheet. For example: Everyone attending worship signs a book and passes it down the row. Therefore, the names are in no particular order and you must record their attendance by entering each person’s name.

A few months ago, we added two new features to this type of attendance recording.

1) Because families typically sit together, one feature is related to recording attendance for family members. Now, when you enter the name and find one family member, we are displaying the other family members. And we added checkboxes so that you can mark each one present without having to find each person individually.

2) We are also now displaying beside the person’s name, their status as it relates to the organization – whether they are a Member of the group (organization) or a Visitor.


Both of these relate to one of our previous enhancements – recording attendance by name using Ticketing Attendance. If you missed the blog post, click HERE to read more. Click HERE for the help article about Ticketing Attendance.

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