Just Added Records – One Click Change

If you are the person who is either the New People Manager or the Membership Coordinator for your church, you will have noticed the new button Set Just Added to Not Member.

Previously, the person with Membership role would click Edit, manually change the Member Status from Just Added to Not Member and then Save Changes. Now the procedure is literally just one click! You do not even click Edit. Just  click the new button and it’s done!

So, why did we change it?

One reason, was to make it extra easy – one click. But also, because Member Status is so important, we did it to prevent a user from accidentally changing the Member Status from Just Added to something they did not intend, such as Member or Previous Member.

New records are normally created because a person visits something, makes a donation, enrolls in something, is contacted by someone from the church, or is added to a family when there is a birth or a marriage. Therefore, in almost 100% of these case, they should have a Member Status of Not Member.

So, as you see, having the one-click way to change the Member Status is not only quicker and easier, but also helps prevent mistakes.

A big THANKS to those of you who have noticed this and have let us know how much you like it!

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