New Reports for Worship Attendance

For those churches that track individual attendance in their main worship service and who track individual attendance in main fellowship classes, we have a couple of new features. Both of these require a new setting in your database. The setting ID is WorshipId and the actual setting is the organization ID for the worship service for which you want to track attendance.

Here are the new features:

Worship Attendance Report

This report gives attendance averages for individuals for both their worship attendance and their main fellowship class attendance for 12, 26 and 52 weeks, as well as the attendance string for worship.

Read more about the Worship Attendance Report.

Recent Absents Report 2

While the Recent Absents Report is not new, there is a new feature that provides a link on the Recent Absents Report for a main fellowship class (or any other organization) to a Recent Absents Report that looks at worship attendance for the same group of individuals.

Read more about the Recent Absents Report 2 for worship.

Thank you to our friends at 2nd Presbyterian Church in Memphis for sponsoring these great new features!

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