A Few New Items for Finance Users

I am combining these items in one blog post because they relate only to those users with the Finance role. Click the links below to read more about each item.

  • Envelope and Statement Options – You can now edit these on a person’s record (in addition to those with Membership role). We also display them in two places in the New UI: on the Profile tab and Giving > Statements tab. Just click the pencil to edit.
  • Default Bundle Type – You can now have your System Admin change the type of Bundle that displays first when you are creating a new bundle.
  • Giving tab There are several options under this tab. Any user, including your My Data users, can access these links on their own record: Manage Your Recurring Giving and Make a One-Time Gift.
Regarding the Giving tab features – you will probably want to publicize this to your donors who give online, so that they know about the new easy access to either make a donation online or to manage (or set up) recurring giving online. Of course, any user with any type of user account can now print their own contribution statements.
If your church uses a third-party vendor for online giving, your system admin can customize the message on the Online Giving tab, providing links to that provider – where, of course, the donor would need to log into that account. We mentioned this in a previous blog.

2 thoughts on “A Few New Items for Finance Users

  1. Steve Cottrell

    Glad to hear you mention the Default Bundle Type, which I want to change to “Loose Checks & Cash” , which has ID = ‘2’ and code of ‘LC’ in LookUp. Inserting either the code or the ID into the Settings for DefaultBundleTypeID has no effect on the bundle type that is displayed when I create a new bundle, unfortunately. (Always PrePrinted Envelopes, which we don’t use.) Plus, with my several failed ‘Creates’ of test bundles, now my Bundle ID sequence isn’t pretty anymore, since the ID has incremented by 1 for every test bundle that I’d deleted.



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