New Stuff, Stuff We Forgot, Bugs We Squashed

We have a lot of things to tell you! We are going to violate our ‘one topic per blog post’ rule. Instead of blogging about each of these items separately, we have put everything in categories and have provided a brief blurb. Most of these things are self-explanatory and discoverable. 

Please take a minute to glance through these items or you may miss something new!

By the way – since we published the beta version of the new user interface, over 88% of the usage of BVCMS has been with the new UI. The usage on a daily basis has hovered between 85 – 91%. This means you are doing your daily tasks with the new UI instead of hanging on to the old way. Good for you! If you are one of those in the minority and have not yet jumped in – take the plunge. You will be glad you did!

Now, for the new stuff.


  • Related Families – That heading on the people page is now a link to Search Builder and the results will return everyone in the families that are related.
  • Record Created By – The user ID of record creator is now a link so you can see who created the record. Look at the bottom on the Personal tab.
  • Changes – We are now logging more changes on the Changes tab.
  • Giving > Contributions Tab – This feature is visible to users looking at their own record (including My Data users) and to Finance users.
    • The list of contributions identifies the type – Cash/CheckOnline, or Recurring

Main Menu

  • People Header – We add these options: Find (to find people) and Advanced Search (for Search Builder). Quick Search still has those options; I just kept clicking over there under People.
  • Tag Icon – We added a scrollbar (to help those with tons of Tags). If you need to use it, you might have too many tags 🙂

Search Builder

  • Auto Run – We added a checkbox so you can turn off auto run as you build searches. It will default to auto run each time you return to Search Builder.
  • Has Invalid Email Address – This is a not exactly a new condition, but it’s working as it should now. It’s a great tool in cleaning up your email addresses!


  • Enroll All Guests – When on a meeting, you can now select Add All Guests from Other Management if you want to enroll all the guests for a specific meeting. 
  • Weekly Attendance Export – This new export/report is run from Organization Search. Select a Program and it will produce an AttendPct report across all orgs in that Program looking back 52 weeks, with one row for each person who attended as a member (not as a guest). They will have a P if they attended something in that program for that week.


The features outlined below are available for Finance users.

  • Contribution Statements for Deceased  – You can now print a Contribution Statement from the deceased person’s people record without having to remove the deceased date. When you are on the record for the deceased person, a statement will print for the surviving spouse as well. When you are on the surviving spouse’s record, only the statement for that person will print. Statements for deceased people will still not print when you print all statements.
  • Links to Contributions Search – From the Giving > Statements tab for a person, the yearly totals are links to Contributions Search with the filter set for that year’s contributions.
  • Transactions Log – You can now search by all of part of first or last name – just like quick search. This feature applies to those with Manage Transactions as well as Finance users.
  • New Special Content message – This allows the System Admin to customize what a user sees on the Online Giving page (on their people record) when the church does not have online giving set up or when they use a provider other than Sage or The name of this HTML page is NoGivingSetupMessage.
  • Pledge Fulfillment Report – We added the Family ID# as a column to help those who want to create a pivot table in order to look at contributions and pledges combined for couples who pledge and give individually. 

Bug Fixes and/or Oversights

This is not an exhaustive list, but these are some of the items that we have either fixed or were missing in new user interface and we have added them.

  • Count on Contact Search page
  • Home Phone not saving to all family members
  • Display issues with IE9
  • Clear button on Search/Add
  • New List button to replace Go Back on Search/Add
  • Display email in results on Search/Add
  • Do Not Publish Phones option on person page

Thank you again for your encouraging words about the new UI. The fact that you are using it so much speaks volumes! If you missed some of our recent videos about some of the changes, take a look at the past few BVCMS News blog posts for links.

3 thoughts on “New Stuff, Stuff We Forgot, Bugs We Squashed

  1. Steve Cottrell

    Karen, you say, in the Main Menu updates: “. . . I just kept clicking over there under People.”. If I’m reading this correctly, you are saying that you repeatedly attempted an action and the CMS wasn’t accommodating, wasn’t providing what you needed and expected, right? So you had the unaccommodating CMS changed so that it worked FOR you, right? If this is what happened, then this explains why bvCMS is so amazingly usable! Your ‘Human Factors’ dept. has a tremendous amount of influence over the product’s development (Thanks, David!) and that is extremely positive and is, possibly, THE defining attribute of the BVCMS product and the people behind it. BVCMS just keeps getting better! From where I sit as a brand new user, BVCMS does not appear to be “bloated” (slow, hard to navigate, laden with unused functions, etc) from all it’s added features and changes. It just works! Thanks for your part, BVCMS Team, in helping us ‘ . . . make disciples . . .’


  2. Raymond Burns

    BVCMS is not bloated, slow, or hard to navigate. If anything, it is overwhelming with goodness. As a truly brand new user with some technical background, I find it is sometimes too awesome to be true. There are features and reports that I would not have thought were accessible to a church. If anything, BVCMS is changing the way we do CHURCH. We are shaping our staff and daily church administration around the way the program operates. It seems to have a better understanding of how church should operate!!


    1. Steve Cottrell

      Raymond . . . hope you read my post correctly, where I said that BVCMS is *NOT* bloated, slow, etc. as I have seen in other ‘mature’ (non-BVCMS) software products. Your impressions align with mine, perfectly, even to the re-shaping of our church admin. (I’m a choir of one at the moment, but the BVCMS choir WILL grow quickly, I predict!) Tonight, I opened a WP blog for our Church News, emulating BVCMS choice of blog providers and giving our users a familiar interface, whether they’re looking at BVCMS News or Church News. Btw . . . One of my raves about BVCMS: the doc! Every reading session I have is productive, this blog entry being no exception. It will be even better when the new UI is throughout the documentation!



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