New UI – Available to All Users!

We promised it and we are delivering it! We are very pleased about the positive feedback we received from the system admins and are now ready for everyone to begin using it. So, when you log on to your BVCMS database tomorrow, January 15, the beta version of the new user interface is what you will see.

How to access the new UI-

The first time you log on after we publish tonight, you will be taken to the Home page and will actually be using the new UI. A message will pop up offering a brief guided tour. Please take just a few minutes to take the tour (it really does take only a couple of minutes) as it was created in order to enhance your first encounter with this new UI. 

We also have two other guided tours. One is for the Person page and will pop up once you click on any person’s record. We suggest you start with your own record. This will allow you to see what we have added relating to your own contributions and giving. There are now links to manage your recurring giving as well as to make a one-time gift (if your church is using online giving through BVCMS.). That means that My Data users can go to their own record in BVCMS not only to view their contributions, but also to very easily access the online giving pages. Remember – unless you have Finance role, the only contributions you see are your own.

The other guided tour is for Search Builder. Click the Search Builder option from the Quick Search drop down in order to view that tour. Search Builder is dramatically different and we are really hoping that you love it. We have worked very hard to  make this more intuitive and user-friendly. Remember – Search Builder is extremely robust, so you will want to play around with it in order to experience the full benefit of this awesome tool. 

What if you cannot find what you want in the new UI?

We make it very easy for you to switch back and forth between the old and the new versions. The Home page guided tour tells you how. And don’t worry – we will keep the old UI available for several months until we feel everyone is comfortable with the new look.

A word about beta-

This new UI is in beta, which means that you may find some bugs. Because our users are actually the best testers, we feel confident putting this out there in your hands. If you find a bug, please use the Contact Support button and notify us giving plenty of detail to help us reproduce the problem. We will fix it immediately. The system admins have been great in helping us uncover and squash some bugs already.

More guidance-

Over the next few weeks, we will be creating very short videos and posting them to our YouTube channel. They will be designed to walk you through some very specific tasks that are handled just a bit differently in the new UI. We will mention these in a blog post whenever we add a new video.

Don’t forget – tomorrow morning is when you will get to see the new UI. Enjoy!

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