Changes in Search Builder

We are preparing for our new user interface rollout, which will start with a Beta version for BVCMS System Admins next week and a Beta version for all users the week after that. As part of the process, we have published some changes to Search Builder. We added more tabs in order to make it easier for you to find just the right Search Builder condition. There are now sixteen tabs instead of seven and they follow the set of tabs you will see in the new Search Builder UI. 

The conditions on the Personal tab have been divided among Personal, Family, and Address tabs.

The conditions on the Enrollment tab have been divided among Enrollments, Enrollment History, Current Org.

The conditions on the Attendance tab have been divided among Recent Attendance and Attendance Dates.

The Growth tab has been renamed Ministry and Church Status has been renamed Membership. There are a few new tabs as well that contain conditions that were on the Miscellaneous tab: Volunteer, Contributions, Extra Values, and Admin.


Remember, these changes are all part of much bigger changes that will come when the new UI is published. Stay tuned!

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