Org Members Management – Filter by Small Group

At the end of the summer, we added a feature to Org Members Management to allow you to filter for a specific small group that is in the Source organization. This has a variety of uses. 

At our church, we use it to move children from an online childcare registration organization into individual classes based on their age.

As children register, our childcare director will assign these children an age-level small group (Bed Babies, Ones, Twos, etc.) that she has created within the registration organization. She does not want to move them to individual classes until she knows how many children she will have in total for that particular event. In some cases, there will be multiple classrooms of a single age. At other times, multiple ages will be in the same room. It all depends on how many children have registered at the time we close registration.

When you are ready to move these children into their individual classes, you would use Org Members Management. Filter for the Program, Division, and Source. Then select the Target (the classroom) and enter the name of a small group (be sure to enter the name exactly as it is in the organization) and click Refresh. Now you can select all or some of that specific age group to move into their classroom.

The small groups can actually get created based on selections that are made during an online registration and can also be used to filter in order to move people to different organizations. For example: your registration might have a drop down for the registrant to select a specific night to attend an event. This will create a small group. If you have a lot of people respond, you may want to create separate organizations for each night in order to put people in other small groups for table assignments. This new feature would be perfect for moving them easily into another organization.

Click HERE to read more about Org Members Management.

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