Suggestion Regarding Committees

Someone recently asked us a question about the best way to organize church committees, which made me think that the answer might be helpful to others.

Here are our suggestions:

  • Create an Organization for each Committee. Then add the committee members to the organization. Make the chairman of the committee a special Member Type of Chairman and the rest of the members the normal MemberType of Member. If you have a staff liaison, you can enroll that person in the Organization as well, assigning a Member Type of Staff.
  • If you put all of your committees in a separate Program and Division (you can name them both Committees, if you like), you can find a nice list of all of the committees together for the purposes of emailing the members, printing reports, and more. 
  • You can also use the Inactive Date on the OrgMember dialog box to indicate when the committee member’s term expires, if your committee members actually serve for a specific term. Some churches have their committee members serve a a three year term, so that a third of them roll off every year. That ensures that each year you will have some seasoned members as well as some new committee members.
If you choose to handle your committees that way and you associate an Inactive Date with the members, you can easily find who is due to roll off this year and drop them from the committee on the inactive date. Then you just add any new committee members when their term begins.
Using an Organization per committee will allow you to use Search Builder in the future to find everyone who had previously served on a given committee – even during a specific date range.
Organizations are the main work horse in BVCMS and help you organize all kinds of things, such as committees, mission trips, Sunday school classes, recreation teams, online registrations, newsletters, directories, worship head counts – just about anything you can think of.
We hope you find this post helpful. Be watching for a post in the next few days about a new feature we will be rolling out to help you manage prospects. You will want to hear about this new feature!

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