New Search Builder Condition – Number of Primary Adults

Yes, you read that correctly. We added one more Search Builder condition! It is Number of Primary Adults and is on the Personal Tab.  We are not sure why we did not already have this condition, but it is a very useful one for several reasons. Below are just 2 possible use cases. The first is helpful for ministry; the second is to help you clean up your data.

Use Case 1:

One use case would be to find children enrolled in a specific program whose family has only one Primary Adult.

  • Is Enrolled in Main Fellowship 
  • Age Is Less Than 10
  • Number of Primary Adults Equals 1

The results will give you all the children enrolled in  Main Fellowship class who are under the age of 10, and whose family has just 1 Primary Adult. By the way, there are a number of searches to help you find single mothers, families with children based on ages and gender, and so much more. Check out the conditions on the Personal Tab in Search Builder.

Use Case 2:

Another use case would be to find those families that incorrectly have more than 2 Primary Adults

  • Number of Primary Adults is greater than 2

The results will give you everyone who has a Position of Primary Adult and are in a family that has more than 2 Primary Adults. Read more about Position in Family and why a family should have no more than 2 Primary Adults.

What should you do once you find these families?

You will want to look at those families, determine why there are more than 2 Primary Adults and then make corrections. To make these corrections, you will use one of these methods:

Here are some possible scenarios:

  • Some of these may be duplicate records. If so, use the Merge Controller and merge the records.
  • Some may be children that had been mistakenly coded as Primary Adults. Just change their Position to Child.
  • Some may be families in which one of the Primary Adults is not actually part of that immediate family. In that case, split that person into their own family
    NOTE: If there is an existing family where this person belongs, go to that family and Add Family Member.
  • Some might even be a family in which a spouse is deceased and the surviving spouse has remarried. In that case, split the deceased spouse into another family and add a related families connection in order to preserve that relationship. 
  • Similar to the above statement, the adults might have divorced and one spouse has remarried and all 3 are still in the same family. Find out which 2 are actually married and split the other one into their own family.

Why does Position matter?

We use the Position in Family in a lot ways throughout the database – to calculate the Head of Household, to combine couples for labels, to combine contributions, and in a number of Search Builder conditions, such as Family Has Primary Adult Church Member and many more.

We hope this new condition will inspire you to run some searches to better identify and minister to people and also to clean up your data. 

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