New Type of Vote Links – SendLink and SendLink2

We just created two new types of vote links that you can embed in emails sent via BVCMS. They are named SendLink and SendLink2. They are similar to RegisterLinks, but with an important difference.

These new links send the actual link in a second email after the recipient clicks on it. When they click that second link, they are logged in to the registration. Our regular registerilnk takes the person directly to the registration when they click the link, with that person logged in. The RegisterLink2, also logs them in, but with their entire family listed.

When would I want to use SendLinks?

You would use a SendLink when you are promoting Online Giving, Online Pledges, Managed Giving, or even a regular registration with fees. This is especially useful if you are doing the promotion in a newsletter to your congregation. With this type of email, they might want to forward that email to someone else. This new type of link ensures that, if that happens, the person receiving the forwarded copy cannot use the link.

Click HERE to read more about SendLinks.

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