Changes in Contributions: Totals by Fund and Contribution Search

PLEASE read this post if you have Finance role on your church’s BVCMS database, as it has important information regarding some changes that affect the reports you use each week. This is long for a blog post, but I want to give you the whole picture in one post. 

We have made what may appear to be slight changes on the Totals by Fund page and the Contributions page [we shortened the name from Contributions All (Search)]. We added new filters, redesigned existing filters, and more. In fact, these changes exist because there are added features

Totals by Fund

Checkbox Options:

Include Bundle Types

When this new option is checked, the Totals by Fund report will sort by Fund first and then by Bundle Type, displaying a Total and a Count for each type. This is especially beneficial if your church uses Bundle Types to denote the Campus at which the offering was received.

We also added Bundle Type to the Donor Details export that is accessed from this page. 

Include Closed Bundles

We still have this option. Remember, however, that you do not want to check this box when you are using this report to post to your General Ledger, as Bundles that are not closed may not be complete or correct.

Include Pledges

This checkbox has been removed as it is no longer needed. All the exports will contain pledge information if it fits the date range. By the way, there is also an export on the Contributions page, where you can filter for pledges (or both pledges and contributions) and then export to Excel. We are currently working on a Pledge Fulfillment Report to help you analyze your pledges and contributions toward those pledges. We will let you know when it is available.


Bundle Totals Fund Report

This replaces the former Journal Details Report. Click the name of the Fund in the Totals by Fund report and this new report will open in a separate tab. This allows you to return to the Totals by Fund and select another Fund. This will refresh the Bundle Totals report in that other tab – without having to re-run the report! Any filters that were selected in the Totals by Fund report will display in the header of this report.

Contribution Details Report

Each total in the Totals by Fund report is now a link that opens the Contributions page in a new tab and will display the individual contributions represented in the summary from the Totals by Fund. Like the Bundle Totals report, you can return to the Totals by Fund, click a different total and the Contributions page will refresh in that other tab, and display the information for that fund. From that page, you can export to Excel if you need to.

Drop-down Filters:


This is not new. If your church has multiple campuses, you can still filter this report by Campus. Remember, this filters by the Campus assigned to the donor, not necessarily where the contribution was received.

Tax Status

Select from the drop down menu either Tax Deductible, Non Tax Deductible, or Both.


Select from the drop down menu either Online, Not Online, or Both.


This is the former Contributions All (Search) page. Now, the option under the Contributions menu is just called Search. We shortened the name and added a new checkbox and several new drop-down filters, in addition to the existing filters on this page. We also added a column for the Bundle Type to the export.

New Checkbox:

Include Unclosed Bundles

By default, this is checked, as that is how this page has always displayed contributions. Now, you can uncheck it to see just contributions in closed bundles.

New Drop-down Filters:


By default, Campus is ‘not specified’ which means that contributions for donors at all campuses will be included. But you can now search select a specific Campus to search for donors based on their Campus.


By default, Both Online & Not is selected. You can select Online or Not Online if you need to view these separately.

Tax Type

By default, Tax Deductible is selected. We added the option Both Tax & Non Tax and we still have the other options: Pledges, All Items, and Non-Tax Deductible.

By the way, we will be updating the Help Articles relating to these pages soon, but they may not be updated at the time you read this post.

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