Idea: Emailing Links

Here is an idea you might use when advertising an event.

We have noticed that at least one of our BVCMS churches is in the habit of emailing not only a Vote Link to provide a one click registration for those in their database, but a second link for them to use if they want to register a friend. It works great for any type of registration for which you do not ask questions or require a fee.

Why two links?

You want two links because the one click link is just that – one click and you’re done. It does not take the person to a registration page where they could register another person. So, you include the separate link that allows them to return and register a friend if they want.

Under the message of your email  (where you describe the event), you would insert something like this:


In the example above, the message on the left should have a VoteLink embedded in it, so the person is instantly registered. The message on the right should have the normal link to the registration page (the same link your would put on your website) embedded in it, where the person would have a chance to either find a person’s record or create a new record if they are not in the database.

Most of the people who receive the email will need only the one click link. It’s fast. It’s easy. That’s why these links are so effective. They get people to respond.

If you are not using any of our several types of emailed links, click below to read about these very useful tools to help make it easy for people to register for your events.

Vote Link           RSVP Link            Register Link or Register Link2

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