Ticketing Attendance: New Option to Record Attendance by Name

We have had Ticketing Attendance as an option for quite a while. This is the feature that allows you to send a barcode in the confirmation of an online registration and then scan the barcode (their ‘ticket’) at the door when the person arrives. We just added an enhancement. You can now use that page to record attendance by name.

Use Cases:

Your church tracks attendance for large groups, such as the worship service. Instead of using roll sheets, everyone signs their name in a book or on a pad that is passed down the pew.


You have a large conference or event at which everyone completes a registration card once they arrive.

This new method of recording attendance is very quick and requires only that you enter all or part of the person’s name, like in Quick Search. Then just press Enter to mark that person present. We have built-in messages (including sounds) for when you are successful, when the person is already marked present, if the person is not found and more.

You can even set some requirements: Require Membership in Organization and/or Require Registration.

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One thought on “Ticketing Attendance: New Option to Record Attendance by Name

  1. Heath Kouns

    This is a GREAT feature. We had just been editing the meeting and then scanning roll-sheets. The problem with this method was that is someone was already checked-in then scanning their bar-code would actually remove them from the attendance. (e.g. – we allow youth to check-in with their family… but most do not get captured and we depend on the roll-sheets for final attendance) you would also have to watch the screen closely when dealing with a large class to make sure the person was actually marked present.

    With “ticketing attendance”, we can still use the roll-sheets, but now it will tell you that the person is successfully marked as present. It will also tell you if the person is all ready marked as attending and it will not un-check their attendance.




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