Add Attendees from a Tag

This relatively new feature is an option under Other Management on a Meeting page. It gives you the means to add attendance for a tagged group of people.

Use case 1:

If you have an large organization, such as Worship, in which you track individual attendance, and most of the members attend regularly, you can create a Tag of those members and mark them all present for a meeting with one click of a button. Then just uncheck the Attended box for any who did not actually attend.

You can include anyone in the tag, whether or not they are members of the organization. There is also an option to add the non-members to the organization, making them members while recording their attendance.

Use case 2:

Because you have the option to enroll your tagged group in the organization, which makes their enrollment date the same as the meeting date, this is a good option for capturing attendance for meetings that occurred in the past – i.e. creating history. This eliminates the step of enrolling the members and then having to change their enrollment date to pre-date the first meeting.

For example: a class has several meetings before the organization is created in BVCMS. Adding Attendees from a Tag makes it easier to create that history. Anyone who did not actually attend that first meeting can easily be unchecked on the meeting page.

As you see, this has limited use cases, and is not intended as the norm for recording attendance. However, this might be just what you need.

Click HERE to read more.

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