Where Are the Emails I Have Sent?

If you send emails using the toolbar in BVCMS, you can always find those emails. Go you your people record, click on the Growth tab > Contacts and click on the Sent Emails link under Contacts Given.  

This is the list of all the emails you have sent. But that’s not all! Click on the Subject of an email to view the Details. On this page, you will see a summary at the top, then the body of your email, and below that, a list of all the recipients. Click HERE for more information about the Details page and the other tracking that is available, such as who has opened the email and even how many have clicked on any links in your email.

If you send on behalf of another user, you will see those emails as well. Also, that user can see them too. They display on their people record under their Send Emails.

You can also view emails that you receive. That link is under Contacts Received on your people record. Lay Leaders with Org Leaders Only can also view their sent and received emails. Even My Data users can view emails they have received.

These links have been there for quite a while. However, some of you may not have noticed them.

Remember the New UI Project that we are currently working on? Once that is complete, the new people record will have a separate tab for Email, making the Sent and Received Emails more prominent. Give us just a few more months and we will be ready to debut this!

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