Checkin, Printers and Labels

Why use self-checkin? There are several great reasons why your church may want to take advantage of the BVCMS Checkin application.

1) Attendance

  • Attendance is tallied in real time as people checkin.
  • Attendance reports are ready earlier.
  • Manual attendance recording is eliminated.
2) New Guests
  • New guests are added to the database (and their attendance recorded) while they are there in person.
  • This ensures that your get more accurate information on your guests.
  • You can make followup visits or assign tasks earlier because your new guests are already in the database.
3) Security
  • A security label can be required for children so that a child cannot be picked up unless the parent shows the security label.
  • Children will have a name tag label to wear.
  • Guests will have special labels.
  • Extra labels can be printed for specified organizations – for diaper bags or other personal items.
For printing the labels, we highly recommend Godex printers and labels. These have proven very reliable and the support from Godex has been excellent. We are able to offer both the printers and the labels at a great price through the Bellevue Bookstore. Use this link to place an order online:
If you would like more information about BVCMS Checkin, click HERE to read more.
To download the checkin software, click HERE. There is no extra cost for this application.

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