Contact Support – CC Feature Added

The next time you click the Contact Support button to tab us for support, notice that there is now a field where you can enter email addresses in order to CC others at your church. Then, when we Reply to All, the person who was CC’d will receive our answer.

The best use case for this is for those churches whose staff and/or lay leaders typically email their church’s Help-desk or System Admin for assistance with TouchPoint before contacting us. In that case, the Help-desk manager or the System Admin can submit the request to TouchPoint on behalf of another user and copy that user on the actual support request.

A notification is already being sent to the Admin Mail address (this is in your TouchPoint Settings), so you would not need to CC that address.

While we are on the subject, be sure to Reply to All when you need to reply to our answer. That will ensure that everyone stays in the loop.

You can upload screenshots as well just as you would when sending any other email via TouchPoint.

By the way, thank you to those who have been using the Contact Support button. It is so much more efficient for all concerned, than for you to email one of us or to just email support.directly. Our goal is to provide outstanding support and this new method helps us as we work to achieve that goal.

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