Allow Re-Register Improvement

We recently improved the Allow Re-Register feature, which is a setting for Online Registrations. 

Here is the use case that precipitated this improvement:

We created a Prayer Room Signup as an online registration in which the registrants were making a long-term commitment  to pray during a 30-minute time slot every week in one of the small, individual rooms in our Prayer Room.

Because there are a limited number of rooms, it was important to set a limit on each slot in the registration. Also, we realized that over the course of a year or so, people may need to change their time slot, not just add another one (which is how the Allow Re-Register had previously worked). We did not want a time slot to appear filled if it wasn’t, so the re-register was an important feature.

Here is how Allow Re-Register would work in the Prayer Room Signup type of scenario:

You can include a RegisterLink in the confirmation or the registrant can return to the website where the registration signup is posted online and register again.

  • If they log in or if they use the RegisterLink from the confirmation, they will be taken directly to their registration.
  • If they return to the website and click Register, but do NOT log in, an email with a Manage Registrations link will be sent to them.  When they click that link, they will be taken to their registration.

In either case, the registrant will see their current selection and be able to make any necessary changes. This is not appropriate for registrations that have fees. It is intended for a use case such as this Prayer Room Signup or some similar long-term type of registration. This is similar to the way volunteers manage their volunteer commitments when using the Volunteer Calendar.

Click HERE for the full help article about the options on the Registration Settings tab.

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