Small Groups in an Organization

We now have a way to for you to easily delete several (or all) small groups at one time. This is very helpful for Organizations that have a lot of small groups. Maybe you need to remove several groups, or perhaps you just want to start over and create all new groups. This is the way to do that.

Notice the new Manage button on the Group Member Management page. This takes you to the groups page where you can select those groups to delete and delete them all at once.

This page also displays a summary of how many people are in each small group, making it a very handy way to see at a glance the size of your groups.

Check out all the cool features on the Group Member Management page. Click HERE to read more.


Speaking of small groups – the Member Dialog now displays in parentheses the number of people in each group. This is just one more way we are helping you manage your small groups.

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