Special ‘Rally Rollsheet’ for Parents

Do you have a Sunday morning rally planned in the next few weeks at which you ask parents to attend with their children? If so, we have a special rollsheet that you may be interested in. This is not a new feature, but a reminder of an existing one. It is called Parents (Rally Mode) and is a checkbox in the dialog box when you print rollsheets.


You will print the rollsheets for your student or children’s classes, but they will contain, not only the children, but also the names of each parent. By using a special type of attendance recording (Ticketing Attendance) along with these rollsheets, you can record parents present in their own adult class when they attend the rally with their child.

These rally rollsheets were created so that when we have these rallies during which the parent meets their child’s teacher, they can be recorded as being in their adult Life Group. We don’t want to penalize them for attending their child’s class, nor do we want to just enter a headcount for the child’s class which would include the parents. This would falsely inflate their attendance numbers.

Click HERE to read about these special rollsheets. They can be used any time a parent is attending their child’s class – rallies after promotion or perhaps a special Bible Drill meeting.

These are very cool!

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