Changes: Contacts and Contact Search

You may have noticed a slight change to the look of the Contact Search page as well as the Contact page. There is not a huge change, but as part of our new UI project, we needed to re-write these pages.

So, along with the seemingly small cosmetic changes, we added a few more checks so that you are prompted to complete the Contact form before you leave the page. We were finding that Contacts were getting created, but they were missing important bits of information. These changes are an effort to prevent that from happening going forward.

Here are the changes:

1) When creating a Contact from the Toolbar, the user who is logged in will automatically be added as the Contactor (Ministry Team).

2) The same is true if you add a Contact by selecting Growth > Contacts and then Add New under Contacts Received. The user will be added as the person making the Contact.

3) Regardless of where you start when creating a new Contact, you will be required to select an option from all three drop downs: Ministry, Type, and Reason before you can click Update.

4) One exception to point number 3 is this: if you Add New Contact for Team (from the Contact page), all the drop downs will be populated for this new Contact. You will need to Edit, select any appropriate check boxes, enter any comments and then select the Contactee (the person contacted).

5) When creating a Contact, the page will open in Edit mode for you to edit the top section of the Contact.

6) There will be a prompt in red letting you know that the Contact is Incomplete if you leave the page and return.

Do you enter Contacts in BVCMS for someone else who actually made the contact? If so, you will probably want to forgo using the Add Contact option on the toolbar. Just go to Growth > Contacts > Add New under Contacts Given and select the person making the Contact. Then select the person who was contacted.

Also, on the Contact Search page, there is a new check box labeled Incomplete. We put that there to help you find those Contacts that are missing some important information, such as a Contactee, Contactor, Ministry, Type or Reason. You may want to try and get the rest of the information or just delete the Contact if it does not contain enough information to be helpful.

To find out more about recording Contacts, you may be interested in this short video: How to Record a Contact



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