Update: New User Interface

A few weeks ago, David blogged about our huge project for a new user interface for BVCMS. The team has been steadily working very hard on this fresh new look that we hope to debut by the end of the year. We really are eager to show it to you!

As he mentioned in his blog post, because of the enormity of this project, we have put on hold development of new features, except for those that Steven is working on.

However, as this project progresses, you will see what appear to be new features. We do not want you to be confused about this. Sometimes we have to rewrite pages in order to prepare them for this new look, and these new pages may have new features. I will blog about these as they are published.

In case you missed David’s post, please click HERE to read it.

By the way, this new UI project is far more than the equivalent of repainting a house. It’s more like a huge renovation. Because of its scope and our focus on it, we really will not be able to spend a lot of time communicating with individual churches about requests for new features at this time. We will put them on our list and review them at a later date, after the new UI has been implemented.

Thank you for your patience.


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