Contributions Features

These features will be of interest to those of you with Finance Role in BVCMS. We have a couple of Contributions features that you may not have noticed – 1) an Export on the Contributions All page; and 2) an option to display more information in Post Bundle Edit.

The Excel export is on the Contributions All page and will export one row for every record included in your search results with information about each contribution, including the person’s name, contribution date, contribution type, etc.

Click HERE to read more about the options available on the Contributions All page as well as about the information included in this export.













In Post Bundle Edit, if you would like to view more information about a donor when searching by name, just check the box Deliver More Information in Results. This will display the last four contributions (with date, amount and check number) for each name found. This may be helpful when you have multiple donors with the same name.

Click HERE to read more about Post Bundle Edit.








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