New Videos for Tasks and Contacts

We just uploaded two short videos on our youtube channel – These were created as a followup to some recent lay leader training classes at our church. Click the images below to view each video.

How to Accept and Complete a Task

This 7-minute video was designed to show our lay leaders what to do when they are assigned a ministry task by one of our ministers. The video starts by showing how to accept the task, how to view information about the person you are to contact, and ends with how to correctly complete the task by recording the results of your contact.



How to Record a Contact

This 5-minute video shows you how to record the results of a contact when you have not been assigned a task about that person. This is what you would do when you make visits or phone calls to an absent class member or a recent guest to your class. This is so simple to do. There is even a link to create a Contact right there on the green toolbar!


So, in a total of about 12 minutes, you can find out how you, as a lay leader (or a staff member), can take advantage of these 2 features that are valuable components of assimilation in BVCMS.


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