New Email Reminder Feature

You may have noticed that, when you send email reminders to your volunteers, you receive an email yourself. That is a new feature designed to let the person who is responsible for a volunteer organization see at a glance who has commitments coming up.

The subject of the email will be Reminder Notices sent for [the name of the organization]. The body of the email will contain the same text that the volunteers receive, as well as a list of the volunteers who received the email reminder and their upcoming commitments.

This works for your volunteer calendar organization whether you send the email from Email Reminders on the Volunteer Calendar page or if you use Send Volunteer Reminders from the Organization page.

These new email notices are sent only to the Online Notify Person/s associated with an Organization that is set as a Volunteer type of Organization.

Here is a sample of the email notice:





2 thoughts on “New Email Reminder Feature

  1. Stephen Porter

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This and the python Morning Batch are a match made in heaven!

    From mobile device – Grace please for brevity & typos. – Stephen Porter



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