Big Plans for a Fresh New Look

Some of you are already aware of a big project we are working on to rewrite the entire user interface for BVCMS. We are sure you will love the results. The goal is to not only give every page a makeover, but also to add new helps and features along the way to make your job using BVCMS easier and more enjoyable.

This project is being sponsored by Redeemer Presbyterian Church and we have been working on it since late last year. We have made progress on several of our major pages in the system. We have also contracted with a professional designer to help us design and think through every user interface element in the system.

This is a huge project. We are basically rewriting the HTML on every page, every line of Javascript and all of the backend server code. Obviously, we are not losing any features that you currently have, but we are making them better and more discoverable and adding some new ones along the way.

We really want you to be able to see this, but we need to finish a few of these pages before that can happen. The entire project will run side-by-side with the current pages. This will allow you to switch between the versions to see our progress once we are ready to unveil it.

Initially, we were hoping to have this done by this summer. Then we moved the go-live date to this fall, and now we realize it may be near the end of the year.

We are telling this all of this for two reasons:

  1. We want to keep you informed about what is going on with BVCMS.
  2. We need your help

Here’s how you can help:

Many of you have expressed how much you like the fact that we introduce new features weekly. But we need to gain some traction and momentum on this project in order to complete it sooner rather than later (we really can’t wait to show it to you!). In light of this, you can help by understanding that there will be a marked absence in new features until we complete this project. Just know that we are working hard behind the scenes on this exciting new user interface. Hopefully, we will get to the point soon, where you can have sneak previews of our progress.

Of course, we will continue to fix critical bugs. And Steven will continue to work on his projects.

Blessings and thank you for being a BVCMS customer.

6 thoughts on “Big Plans for a Fresh New Look

  1. Micah

    Thanks David! We’re excited to get underway using BVCMS officially next week! I appreciate the way you’re communicating with us all to keep us informed.


  2. Thomas Glick

    I am assuming that the source code will be released as well. I would like to trace through the HTML and see all the programs (JavaScript and others) that are being called.



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