Idea for Cleaning Up Data

Were you aware that BVCMS has a Search Builder Condition that looks specifically for invalid email addresses? These would be email addresses that are not in the correct format – missing the @ symbol, or the dot or having too many letters in the extension.

I spent a little time yesterday going through those records I found using this search on our church database. I was able to fix at least 95% of those addresses. Most were missing the .com after gmail, yahoo, etc. I feel better knowing that these people will now begin receiving our emails!

Of course, there were a few email addresses that I just deleted as there was not enough information there for me to figure out how to correct them.

Click HERE if you are interested in doing a little clean up on your database.

PS When creating new records during an online registration or in the regular application (new members, guests, etc), you will be forced to use a a valid format. However, records that are edited, those that are part of a conversion, etc. may have these emails with invalid formats.

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