Contribution Statements – New Options

Some of you have asked about printing Check Numbers and/or Notes on your church’s Contribution Statements. We have now made that option available, just in time for 2nd quarter statements!

To use one of these options, your BVCMS Admin will need to add one or both of the following new Settings to your church’s BVCMS database:

  • RequireCheckNoOnStatement (to print check numbers)
  • RequireNotesOnStatement (to print notes)

You can add either of these settings or both of them.

Click HERE to view the Settings help article.

Both the Check Numbers and the Notes are entered during Post Bundle Edit. If you use a check scanner, the check number is added automatically. Otherwise, this is something you would need to enter manually as your post contributions.

For online giving, the Notes section will contain either the text Recurring Giving (for those using Managed Giving) or the person’s name and address (for those making one-time gifts).

Click HERE to view the help article about posting contributions.

NOTE: If you choose either of these options, the contribution statements will print in a single column on the page, instead of wrapping into two columns as does the default statement.

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