New Option for Checkin Label

We now have a new label option available for those of you who use BVCMS checkin. This option is available for the 2-inch label that is worn by the child – both members and guests. This new option will print the entire allergy information (such as Peanuts, Milk) instead of printing an A to indicate an allergy.

For those who prefer the default label that prints an A, we always recommend that you keep an updated roster report in each classroom, as this has not only the allergy information, but also the contact information for the parents.

Click HERE to read more about how to substitute this new label format, if you want to use it.

By the way, if you choose to use this new label, you may want to find those children with allergy information that is too long to fit on the label and make some adjustments on their record. Click HERE to read about the Search Builder Condition you will want to use for this.

This new allergy label feature was sponsored by our friends at Dogwood Church in Tyrone, GA.

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