New Rollsheet Features

There are now 3 new options available when printing rollsheets.

  1. Print rollsheets by small group from both Organization Search as well as from a single Organization.
  2. Print rollsheets by small groups for just specific small groups (those beginning with a prefix that you enter).
  3. Print a specific small group name on the rollsheet under the names of the members in that group.

Option number 1 – printing by small group – has been available when printing for one Organization. We have now made this option available when you print rollsheets from the Organization Search page.


Option number 2 – printing specific small groups – is a great feature if you have people in multiple small groups inside an Organization and you want to print the rollsheets by a specific set of small groups, but not for all groups. Example: Choir voice part small groups that start with V:


Option number 3 – printing small group name – has a special use case. This will print a specific small group name under the member’s name on a roll sheet if that small group name is entered in the field named Highlight Group. Example: OkToTransport or CustodyIssues.


Click HERE to read more about the options and possible use cases.


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