Contact Report – Sort by Address

We recently made another option available for the Contact Report. It is the ability to sort by address instead of by the default, which is alphabetically.

Why would you want to sort it by address? Think of all the families whose members live at the same address, but who have different last names. When you sort by address, these family members are grouped together instead of scattered throughout the list.

The Contact Report (in case you are not familiar with it) is the report that gives you a list of all the Contacts that have been made for every individual in your list, along with other key bits of information. It is generated from wherever you see the toolbar, and is probably most useful when you run this for a search of recent guests. However, you can run it for an individual or for any group of people.

Click HERE to read about this report and how to sort by address. (Hint – it involves using a keyboard command.)


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