Now at the App Store – Newest Checkin Version

For those of you using iPad checkin (BVCheckin App), be sure to get the latest version from the App Store. This update has the Security Admin PIN feature that we added to regular checkin back in April. If you missed it, click here for the blog post about this feature.

Most of you probably keep your apps updated. However, if you are not in the habit of doing this, please look on your iPad for the blue icon representing the App Store. If you have BVCheckin loaded on your iPad, there will be a red number on the corner of the icon indicating you have at least one App that has a newer version for you to install. Just click the icon and then click Update beside BVCheckin.

In addition to the blog post about the Admin PIN, there is also a help article. Click HERE to read more.

Remember, you will not have this Admin PIN feature on your iPad until you update the App.

Special thanks to our friends at Calvary Triad who sponsored this new feature.

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