Enrollment Control Report for your mobile device

Just in time for Vacation Bible School – a mobile Enrollment Control Report! If your church is like ours, parents will enter the building wanting to know the room number for their child. Even though we send out the Room Notices email from Org Members Management, they still forget the room number and don’t bring the email with them.

We always print the Enrollment Control Report and have copies around the building so we can look up the child on this alphabetical listing and easily see their room number. For us, that report is 50-60 pages! That’s pretty bulky. Also, you don’t want to have to print too many copies of that report, because as new children enroll, you need to reprint it daily.

So, David devised a wonderful tool for us – a mobile version of the Enrollment Control Report. It has the same information – names, room numbers, and class names. However, it is designed for an iPhone, iPad or Adroid phone with fast movement through the alphabet to find the child you are looking for.

This means that every staff member who has an iPhone/iPad/Android who is walking around greeting those parents as they arrive for VBS has the ability to immediately find the child’s room number for them.

It is SO easy and fast to use and it’s formatted for something you carry with you all the time – your phone!

For us here at Bellevue, this will be a HUGE help next week when we have CampOutrageous (our version of VBS). I’ve been playing around with this new report, and even with a list that includes more than 3,000 children and workers it’s incredibly fast and so simple. Here’s what you will see when you access this report:


Check out this help article that tells you exactly how it works and includes more screenshots. We hope you find this useful!

BTW: This is not limited to VBS use. This will be a great tool on Promotion Sunday when you need to help people find their new classes.

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