Emailed Attendance Notices Just Got Better!

If your church emails attendance notices to leaders after Sunday’s attendance has been entered, you should notice a new addition in the email. We are now including the Recent Visitors!

The visitors are listed in a section below the absent members and will have their last attended date. The alphabetical list will include any visitor who would have been on the roll sheet for the most recent meeting.

We have received a lot of positive feedback to the recent enhancements we made to this email and I know you will love this new addition as well.

The changes to this little email notice are perfect examples of why we work so hard. We always want to provide and improve tools in BVCMS to enable you (staff and lay leaders) to do ministry to people. That’s what it’s all about! (not the Hokey Pokey as previously thought)

If you are not sending these to your leaders each week, click HERE to read how easy it is and to see a sample.

Thanks, Mark, for that great idea!


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