New Email Replacement Code for Today’s Date

You will appreciate this little feature, especially if you send newsletters and like to include the date at the top of your email.  We just added another Email Replacement Code – {today}. When you insert that code in your email, today’s date will display. It will be in a numeric format like this – 5/8/2013.

For those of you in lands far away who use the DD/MM format in your BVCMS database, this will work for you as well. If I were emailing from Malaysia, for example, today’s date would display as 8/5/2013 using this replacement code.

I love that I can insert this simple code and not have to change the date in my saved drafts or templates! Remember – the curly braces are important. Type it just like this – {today}.

If you are not familiar with email replacements, click HERE to read more.  These are handy little codes that allow you to personalize emails and more.


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