New Validation for Online Registrations

Over the weekend, we added some validation to help you as you create online registrations. This validation is looking at the names of small groups that get created during the course of the registration. We have always prevented you from naming small groups with the same name within a set of checkboxes or drop down items. Now, we have taken this one step further and provide validation across all small groups within the organization.

A word about duplicate small group names:

When you are looking at the registration, you see these as separate groups because they are in different sets of checkboxes. However, once you leave the registration, you are left with one small group named, for example, Other. You will not know which set of checkboxes that came from. That is why having duplicate small groups is a bad thing.

Once we did this, we noticed that there were already some existing online registrations that had more than one small group with the same name. This was causing some errors when people tried to access those organizations.

So, here’s what we did:

We have gone through every BVCMS database and found every organization that fit the above scenario and we fixed those small groups that had the same name. So, you may notice that where you previously had a couple of small groups named Other in your registration, one of those now has something added to name – such as Other Staff. In some cases, there were multiple sets of checkboxes/drop downs and there were multiple small groups with the same name. If those cases, we added numbers at the end of the small group name. Example: Not Attending Friday1; Not Attending Friday2; etc.


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