iPhone – Android App Attendance Change

Some of you have already noticed the recent change we made regarding permissions to take attendance for an Organization using either the iPhone or  Android app. Previously, anyone enrolled in an Organization who had Access and Attendance roles (whether they had OrgLeadersOnly role or not) could see the Organization in the list and therefore take attendance.

Some churches have reported that meetings were getting created by app users who were enrolled in the Organization but were not leaders in that Organization. They had made them leaders in specific Organizations in order to take attendance, but did not want them to be able to take attendance in Organizations in which they were regular members. This is actually the way we intended for this work – that leaders would take attendance only for their own small group.  

To alleviate this problem, we decided to enforce the original intended behavior. Now, in order to take attendance using the app, a user must not only have Access and Attendance roles, they must also be a leader either in the specific Organization or in a Parent Organization. 

By leader, we are referring to the Member Leader Type that is assigned to those enrolled in an Organization. Your Admin can view the list of Member Types to determine which ones are considered leaders. Examples of Member Leader types: Teacher, Director, Secretary, Outreach Leader, Inreach Leader, etc. NOTE: These vary for each database as you have the ability to customize this list.

This change was published last Friday evening and we apologize for not notifying you of the change prior to the weekend.

David & Karen

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