New Features for Transactions

For those of you who are responsible for your church’s transactions – online giving or online payments for events – you will be interested in these newest options on the Transactions Log page. NOTE: You must have the Manage Transactions or Admin role to access this page.

Registration History:

On the Transactions Log (under the Admin menu), you can now get more information about each transaction by clicking on the link in the description column. This will take you to the Registration History. Notice the links and the information provided. An Admin can also click the date/time link to see the xml file from the registration.


Totals by Batch/Description Report:

The other new feature is the Totals by Batch/Description Report. This basically combines the Reconcile Report and the Totals by Description Report. On this new report, each Batch Reference (which represents each deposit into your bank account from online transactions) is broken down by Type (EFT or Bankcard) and by Description (Online Giving, Recurring Giving, or specific events such as payments for Adult Soccer, Ladies Retreat, etc.) with a total amount and a count for each one. NOTE: This new report applies only to those using Sage Payments for their transactions.

Click HERE to read more.


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