It’s Time for Vacation Bible School!

Have you started your online registration for Vacation Bible School?

At our church, every year around this time, we send an email to the parents of children between the ages of 4 and12, who have attended anything in the past 450 days and live in our local area. We include a RegisterLink2 to make it really easy for them to register all their children. Click HERE to read about register links.

After sending an email such as this, we will have about 300 children sign up within the first 24 hours. That’s pretty effective, if you ask me! Because we will have somewhere around 3,000 each year, we LOVE using online registration. It really makes the back office work so much easier.

You can use any type of registration that works for your church. We use a Master Org with Compute Org by Birthdate type of registration, and we have individual organizations for each grade. Org Members Management makes it easy for us to move the children from, say, the 1st Grade Registration org into one of the several 1st Grade classes we will have available.

There is even a feature in Org Members Management that allows you to click a button an send an email to all those that you have moved into a class, giving the parents the name of the class, the teacher’s name and the location. Click HERE to read about Org Members Management.

Even if your church has one class per grade, you may still want to use the same type of registration. You would just leave them in the organization in which they are placed.

Click HERE to read more about online registrations.

By the way – if you haven’t already enlisted your workers, you may be interested seeing a sample online registration for enlisting your workers. Click HERE to read more.

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