New Security Feature for PC version of Checkin

The next time you start up the PC version of the checkin software, you will notice something new! Notice the section framed in red below. This feature does not apply to the iPad checkin yet. That will be coming soon.


We have added an option for a new level of security in our checkin software, and we  recommend that you take advantage of this. The purpose of this new security feature is to limit the use of the Magic Button and the 411 name search to only those trusted volunteers who will know the PIN number.

The new feature, as you see above, is an option on the checkin login screen. There is now a field for an Admin PIN (a numeric password that  you create) and a PIN Timeout (the number of seconds you can continue without entering the PIN # again).

You will need to read more about how this works HERE to give you information about how it works and how best to roll the use of this out in your church. If you are not the person at your church who is responsible for checkin, please refer that person to this article. Also, be sure to communicate this to all of your checkin volunteers.

If you are not using the newest version of checkin (which pushes the updates automatically), click HERE to download it.

2 thoughts on “New Security Feature for PC version of Checkin

    1. Karen Post author

      Yes, that is the next step. It takes a little longer; because we use an outside contractor for the iPad, and it also has to go through the iTunes App Store approval process.



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