New Default for Quick Search

We realize that some of you do not read this blog and would have missed our March 29 post A Quicker Quick Search. Now that I think about it, those same people are probably not reading this one either. The point is, until now, the new version of Quick Search was an option you had to select form the Welcome, User menu. Those not reading the blog would not have known this new search was available and would have missed out on this really cool new feature.

Now that we have been using this new Quick Search for a couple of weeks and have received such positive responses about it, we decided the time had come to make this the default for everyone.

So, if you hear your co-workers commenting on the change you can, very smugly…but in a nice way…let them know you already knew about it and had been using it because you read about it on the BVCMS News blog. You may want to refer them to the above-mentioned post which describes the features in this new Quick Search.

By the way – now might be a good time to gently remind those co-workers that the blog is where we notify our users about all our new features; and, if they don’t want to miss out, they should start reading it.

PS – If you are one of those people who do not like change and want to continue using the old Quick Search, you can select it from the Welcome, User menu. The toggle is still there.

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