Email Optouts and Failed Emails

Email via BVCMS is a HUGE feature and is used by our BVCMS churches to send thousands of emails each week. But did you know that you can not only track failed emails to an individual, but also their email optouts? By optouts, we are referring to the senders from which that person has chosen to unsubscribe.

If you are a user with Edit role, you can view the System tab on a person’s record. It is under this tab that you will find Email Optouts. If that person has chosen to unsubscribe, the email address of that sender will be listed alone with the date the person unsubscribed.

There is also a link under the System>Optouts tab for Failed Sent Emails. Click that link to see a list of emails that have been sent to that person, but have not reached them. The reason will display on the far right, letting you know if they have marked an email as Spam, or if the address is bad, etc.


If you get a phone call from a church member who is wondering why they are not receiving emails, this is the place to look – after you verify that you have a correct email address for them. That might explain exactly why they are not getting emails.


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