New Preference Setting

One of my favorite features in Search Builder – besides the TONS of conditions available – is the Toggle Link Target option. When this is set, you can click on a person from your search results and a new tab will open for you to view the person’s record. This allows you to view people records in one tab and return to your search on the other without having to re-run your search.

As wonderful as that is, it just got better! From any page in BVCMS, look in the top right corner under the Welcome message. Notice the new option Target Person Tab is OFF. Click it and it will change to Target Person Tab is ON. By selecting ON, you have just set your preference for everywhere the Toggle Link Target option is available. Now, you no longer must remember to check that box or click that link in order to activate it. Isn’t that a cool little feature?


Where are the other places this Target Person Tab is available? Good question! This is available in Search Builder, People Search, Manage Tags, and in the Extra Values Grid. Actually, we will probably remove the Toggle Link Target reference on those pages eventually, because once you set your preference, you won’t need it.

Once again, the small things of the world have brought joy and happiness to one and all! Well, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I think it is a pretty cool feature!

Click HERE to read more about the Toggle LInk Target.

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