Texting through BVCMS

Have you ever been so excited about something that you just cannot wait to tell people about it?

That is how I feel about our latest feature. It is SO new that I should probably wait a week or so to mention it, as we are just in the beginning stages of using it ourselves. But I’m not going to wait!

This new feature is our just completed integration between BVCMS and Twilio (a texting service provider). I am so pumped about this, that I want you to go ahead and start checking it out. This is a very easy and cost-effective way to communicate very quickly with groups within your congregation or all of your church membership. You send the texts from the BVCMS toolbar. That means that you can text to any group you are viewing: a Tag, Organization Members, Small Group Members, or Search Results.

The billing for the texting is from Twilio, not BVCMS. So you will need to establish an account and purchase texting numbers from Twilio.

Click HERE for our step by step articles to walk you through the process of getting started.

Remember – unlike email, texting is an ‘opt-in’ type of communication. So, you will want to devise a plan to poll your congregation in order to flag them as OK to Receive Texts. One of the help articles is all about managing the opt-in process and will give you some ideas about how to approach this.

As always, when we pair up with a third-party provider, such as Twilio or Protect My Ministry, BVCMS receives no compensation from these companies. We are providing the integration to help facilitate ministry for our BVCMS churches.

Just click HERE for easy to follow steps to get you on your way!


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