Viewing Emails You Sent on Behalf of Another User

Many of you are very familiar with the ability to send emails through BVCMS on behalf of another user. But do you know where you can view those sent emails and the email details? Go to your people record and click Growth > Contacts > Sent Emails. Not only will you see emails you have sent from yourself, but you will also see the emails you have sent on someone else’s behalf.

You will notice that the name and email address listed are for the person on whose behalf you sent the email. Click the subject of the email to view the email details – the list of recipients and more. To read more about Email Details click HERE

If other users send email on your behalf, you can also view those email details by going to your own record and looking at your sent emails.

This might be a good time to remind you that you can track emails in BVCMS. By that, I mean that you can see how many recipients have opened your email and even see which recipients have opened it. Click HERE to find out how to do this.

If you did not know about sending emails on behalf of another user, click HERE to read more. This is a very useful feature!


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