Multi-Tasking and Emailing

Did you know that you can open more than one tab in your browser and perform different tasks within BVCMS on each of those tabs? You can! However, until recently, we warned you to not open another tab and run searches while you were composing an email, because the email would get sent to the people on the other tab. That warning was on the compose email page…but, apparently, some of you did not see it until it was too late.

We have now taken steps to prevent that from happening. You can now run a search on one tab, start composing an email, and then open another tab to look up a person, an organization or even run another search without affecting the email recipients on your original tab. Just don’t start composing a second email until you have sent the first one.

I could bore you with the details of how we are managing this with a tag behind the scenes…yada, yada, yada…but I will let this message that appears on the compose email page suffice:

Please Note: Your recipient list has been saved in a tag, so you can run queries in other tabs. But you should not compose two emails simultaneously as one will overwrite the other.

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